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YOUSAN Company introduction

As the branch company of Yousan(HK)technology group limited company, with 9 years manufacturing experience, Shenzhen yousan technology Co.,Ltd is the most professional usb manufacturer in China. Yousan is especially experienced in usb design, creating usb molds, it provide all kinds of usb OEM/ODM service. Till now, yousan has more than 3000 different pvc usb models, a third of which are its private models.

Yousan's business philosophy is : good quality and good service come first! That's why yousan company finally gain the trust of Nikon company, they sent Letter of Authorization to yousan, now yousan is the only authorised usb manufacturer for Nikon company in China.

Customers and recently achievement

Nikon: (Sep, 2011)Nikon sent someone to yousan to inspect the factory when they had a promotional project, the inspection work lasted for 3 months. Based on the dmeands of Nikon company, yousan designed artwork, created new mold, produced samples. Nikon company was very statisfied with the samples, the design as well as the quality. Finally yousan got the big order, since then, yousan becomes the exclusive authorised usb manufacturer for Nikon, and get big orders from Nikon every year.

Avon: (March, 2014)Avon inspection work was very complex, they not only concern the condition of yousan factory, but also concern the employee treatment of yousan. After comprehensively inspection and consideration, Avon was very satisfied with yousan, they finally placed the first order with qty of 50,000pcs. We believe there will be more new orders in the futures.

Benez: (March,2014) After a series of inspection, Benz becomes one of yousan's big customers. Benz has signed a confidentiality agreement with yousan in order to protect their business secret. So, here yousan will not mention any other details.

Shenzhen city goverment:(March, 2014) Shenzhen city goverment announced an usb bidding project of 60.000pcs at the end of 2013, now yousan is the winner.

Factory Scale

There are hundreds of usb factories in Shenzhen,China, include individual workshops and formal companies. Yousan is one of the largest usb factories, covering an area of 1000 square meters and has more than 100 staffs. Yousan has advanced equipments and skilled workers, can produce 12000/pcs (basic usb models)per day. So, fast sales and fast delivery is yousan's significant feature. Yousan provide rush order service, such as shiping out order within 24 hours when order is confirmed.

Yousan locates near shenzhen north station, with convenient transportation, we warmly welcome you to visit yousan factory at any time.

Quality control:

Yousan will test every order for 3 times before shippment. First test: Incoming chips test, When yousan gets new chips from suppliers, warehouse manager will test the chips one by one, qualified chips will be accepted and stored in warehouse. Second test: Production test, when production department plan to produce an order, they will get chips from warhouse, production department and warehouse manager will test the chips the second time together. Third test:finished product test, when products are assembled, before packing, production department will test the products one by one for the third time.


All usb flash drives from yousan have CE, FCC, ROHS certifications. CE certification no.: BCTC-12112234, FCC certification no.: BCTC-12112236, ROHS certification no.: BCTC-12112235.

Yousan can also apply new certifications when customers have special request. Such as, last time, one of yousan's customers need the usb products to pass REACH standard test. Yousan sent its product to professional testing organization and got a REACH test report to help customers certify the products can pass REACH test.

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